Boating-Jet Ski Accident

NPD Media Release

The NPD 911 dispatch center received calls approximately 4:18 pm Friday about an accident at the west side boat ramp of Lake Nacogdoches.

The accident was involving a jet ski and a small boat.  The boat was preparing to load onto it's trailer while the jet ski was idling nearby. The jet ski accidentally accelerated and struck the boat going over the top of the boat and striking it's operator in the head. 

An off duty EMT from Lufkin was nearby and provided first aid until Nacogdoches Fire Department and EMS arrived. Nacogdoches Lake Police Officer David Smith is investigating the accident. Alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the accident, according to Smith.

The injured boat operator was taken to Memorial Hospital and his condition is unknown at this time.

The operator of the jet ski is from Lufkin and the operator of the boat is from Cherokee County.