More People Carry Handguns

Gun rights and Texans go hand in hand.  Wally Dunks, who owns Ordinary Citizen gun training school, says the second amendment upholds the right to bear arms.

"The states have tried to make their own interpretation, which we as common citizens don't have the right to defend ourselves, in our home or anywhere else. They finally realized the second amendment does say that."

Recently that right was upheld by the Supreme Court, at least for the nation's capital.

"It's about time. The 2nd Amendment is pretty obvious at what it says.  And all these years it's served us well," says Dunks.

As for us here in Texas, Casey Evans, owner of Evans Brothers Gun Range says, "We've had a definite increase in pistol sales this year."

The Department of Public Safety says more than 52,000 Texans have applied for a concealed handgun license since the first of the year.  That's a 5% increase over 2007.

Which leads us to ask why?

"I typically ask them and what I hear is they typically increase because of politics," says Evans.

"People are realizing this. And due to the current political situation, time may be running out so that we may be restricted," says Dunks.

But with all these new applications, there's a backlog for the Department of Public Safety.

By law, applications should not take more than 60 days, but instead are taking about 90 days to process, if not more.

"Some people get them in 60 days, but there are some people who took their class in January and still haven't got them," says Evans.

But experts agree, even if it's taking a little longer, it's still good to have a license.

"We don't have an officer on every door step to protect us. It's our responsibility to protect ourselves and our families," says Dunks.