Remembering Kelly Musick-Smith

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Through tears and smiles Elton Musick remebers his little girl.

"When Kelly was born doctors told us she probably wouldn't live six months to a year," Kelly's father, Rev. Elton Musick said.

But, for 27 years Kelly proved them wrong.

"I believe this - the reason God gave Kelly to me & Betty is to trust her with Him," Rev. Musick said.

Musick said he put Kelly in God's hands from the time she was six weeks old.

Rev. Musick said, "Somebody would question where is God at in something like this.  My response:  Where can you tell me he's not at in this?"

He said he does not ask God why, because he knows the answer.

"If things like this didn't happen you wouldn't be able to see the goodness in people,"  Rev. Musick said.

He said God saved him through Kelly and he knows his faith will help him break the news to his grandson.

Musick choked back tears as he admitted, "I don't know how to tell him his mama [is not] coming home [any] more, but I guess I'll tell him, and I know God will give me grace when I do."

He said even when Kelly was feeling her worst, she always found a way to be happy.

"She'd come say, daddy, I'm not feeling good, but if you'd give me some money I'll go shopping and it would make me feel better, and daddy would," Rev. Musick laughed.  "Somebody asked me one time, why [do] you spoil her so much?  I'm not going to finish this race saying I wish I had of, and I didn't."

But, where will he go from here without Kelly?

Rev. Musick determined, "Tomorrow I'll help conduct my daughter's service and Sunday, I'll be in the pulpit."

He said he will be forever grateful for the prayers and support of a loving community.

"[There is] no way I could tell what they're experiencing right now and I just pray that God gives them the strength to make it through it," Owner of Ann's Burger Stop, Ann Conner said.

Rev. Musick said, "I would love to see Kelly's legacy say that even in sickness, you can still smile."

He said he hopes everyone learns from Kelly that God has given us today, he has not given us tomorrow.

Kelly's funeral will be tomorrow at 2 p.m. at Clawson Assembly of God.