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Caleb Beames

Caleb Beames joins KTRE from the Houston area. He is a graduate from Houston Baptist University with a BA in arts and humanities. He majored in mass communications and Christianity.

Caleb knew late in high school that he wanted to work in media. He started his journey by volunteering in the media ministry of the church he attended. In college, he was a vital member of the HBU TV crew and was a sports columnist for the HBU Collegian student newspaper. He also completed internships at KRIV Fox26 in Houston and KTRK ABC13. Before joining KTRE, Caleb was a freelance videographer in the Houston area with the majority of his work centering around high school football.

Caleb's favorite sport is football. His favorite team is the Florida Gators when it comes to college ball, and he truly believes he bleeds Dallas Cowboys blue and silver. This makes for an interesting time with his wife who is a Houston Texans fan and loves watching the Cowboys lose.

Caleb loves East Texas and believes there is no place better. Before living in Houston, he grew up in small, historic Jefferson, Texas. His time away made him realize how important community can be, so he jumped when given the opportunity to help share the news in the best place possible - East Texas.

His e-mail address is You can also visit his KTRE Facebook page at this link.

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