Restaurant report - Angelina County - 10/11/18

Source: Raycom News Media
Source: Raycom News Media(Raycom News Media)
Published: Oct. 11, 2018 at 5:30 PM CDT
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China Hibachi Buffet at 706 S. Timberland: 19 demerits for reach-in cooler fan vents needed to be cleaned, general clean of vent hoods needed, areas around convection oven, fryer, stove, and make table needed to be cleaned, floor drain below prep sink needed to be cleaned, wiping cloths not stored clean and dry or in sanitizing solution, knives not stored on easily cleanable surface, missing ceiling tile, dumpster lids not kept closed, unused equipment needed to be removed, dumpster area needed to be picked up, fly strips inside facility, no date marking, food-grade surfaces not food grade, misuse of hand wash sink, damaged cutting boards, cold hold not in correct temperature range, and hot hold not in correct temperature range.

Jack-in-the-Box at 1902 E. Denman: 12 demerits for damaged food container lids, general clean of bottom reach-in door to walk-in cooler needed, bun toaster needed to be cleaned, shelf warmer equipment needed to be cleaned, floor below fryer needed to be cleaned, microwave needed to be cleaned, cold hold not at correct temperature, leak at hand sink needed to be repaired, ceiling tiles in office and above three-compartment sink needed to be repaired or cleaned, and food manager not on site.

M&B Food Store at 708 Raguet Street: 12 demerits for fountain machine nozzles and ice dispenser needed to be cleaned, area behind ice machine needed to be cleaned, utensils not stored in a clean container, missing ceiling tiles in back storage area, rest room needed to be cleaned, general clean of window ledge and front counter near ice cream machine needed, paper towels not provided at all hand sinks, hand washing reminders needed, and food handler certification not up to date.

Mr. Ray’s Food Court at 1604 Frank: 11 demerits for expired produce needed to be removed, chipped floor in kitchen, damaged cutting boards, carpet at floor drain below hand sink needed to be repaired, sanitizer concentration needed to be increased, and bare wood in rest rooms needed to be repaired.

Garcia’s Pantry at 401 N. Timberland Drive: 10 demerits for raw foods stored below ready-to-eat foods, general clean required in walk-in cooler, improper thawing, vent hood needed to be cleaned, fan covers in kitchen reach-in cooler needed to be cleaned, hand wash sink in food prep area not accessible at all times, and fountain machine needed to be cleaned.

Jack-in-the-Box at 400 N. Temple: 7 demerits for hand wash sink not used for hand washing only, damaged ceiling tiles, personal drinks not stored separate from food, hamburger patties needed to be discarded, bottom of reach-in doors to walk-in cooler needed to be cleaned, general clean of vent hood needed, damaged wall ledge near fountain drink station, and excess ice on walk-in freezer floor.

Papa’s Pit & More at 501 N. Main Street, Huntington: 0 demerits.

Bodacious BBQ at 521 S. Timberland: 0 demerits.

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