The Next Normal: Visits to the veterinarian

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Updated: May. 21, 2020 at 5:57 PM CDT
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LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Veterinarians everywhere have had to adjust the way they provide services to their clients because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Some are even seeing more appointments because owners are paying more attention to their pets and their habits while being at home.

At Southern Haven Vet Clinic they are sticking to curbside and drop off services only. This means you don’t have to leave your car, just have your pet and phone ready; it will be like you’re in the exam room with them. And those who choose to can have the appointment from their home.

“One thing we did integrate in was telemedicine and virtual consults. So from the comfort of their home they can talk to us, we can guide them on what to do, and it’s either through a smart phone or computer and that’s been really neat seeing that evolve. And that’s something we’ll continue to do even after this is already settled,” said owner and veterinarian, Emily Todd Parker.

Those who do use their curbside service will see employees wearing gloves and masks. They will get all the information at your car, and then take your pet inside.

“One thing we do is try to fill in the gaps. We let them know how they’re doing in the back, we give them pictures and updates. And they’re more than welcome to do virtual consults even from their car,” Parker said. “We’ve had several want to do that, so just to get an eye on their pet and see that they’re being loved and taken care of during that exam. It takes away the fear of what is happening behind those closed doors.”

Parker said that her goal is to provide services that accommodate everyone.

“We even do connoisseur service. So if someone’s not comfortable coming here but we need to see their pet, we do have an a la carte service where we’ll go there, pick up their pet, and then drop them back off,” Parker said. “So we try the best we can to help people where they don’t have that as an additional stressor when there’s already enough stressors in the world.”

Parker said along with wearing gloves and masks, they use an anit-viral spray after each appointment and routinely clean.

She said because they are a smaller facility, in terms of employees, they are able to naturally keep a social distance.

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