Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 07/25/19

Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 07/11/19
Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 07/11/19
Published: Jul. 25, 2019 at 6:00 PM CDT
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NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Frog’s at 1507 North Street; 18 demerits for drink mix in bar not covered, scoops left in mix, all spray bottles not labeled, items not kept capped, food waste/grease not properly disposed of, all hand wash sinks not supplied with soap and paper towels, all equipment not kept clean and sanitary, floors under fixtures and equipment not swept, clutter in storage areas, outside of property needed to be cleaned up, wees not cut, one knife needed to be re-cleaned and re-sanitized, missing or damaged ceiling tiles, walls and floor areas in disrepair, and all vents not kept clean.

Cici’s Pizza at 3801 North Street, Suite 19: 17 demerits for bottom of back door not weather-proofed, bags of trash not taken out, floor and wall areas not smooth and easily cleanable. Floor drains needed to be cleaned and repaired, floors not swept under dining room tables and equipment, prep cooler needed to be repaired, 4-hour rule chart needed, spray bottle not labeled, water-damaged ceiling tiles, ice scoops not stored properly, all foods not covered in coolers, and leak in walk-in cooler needed to be repaired.

Sombreros at 300 North Street; 11 demerits for prep cooler not at maximum cold hold temperature or below, boxes of food stored improperly, ice scoops not stored properly, visible and accurate thermometers not provided for all coolers and freezers, scattered trash near dumpsters, vents not kept clean, and shield guards needed.

Texas Travel Plaza at 4010 South Street: 11 demerits for all vents not kept clean, back flow preventer needed for outside hose, toxic item stored improperly, weeds not kept cut, rubbish near dumpster, and dumpster lids not kept closed.

Napoli’s at 2119 North Street: 7 demerits for one canned food product needed to be discarded, soap not provided at hand sink, ice scoop not stored properly, grease bin needed to be cleaned, excess trash near dumpster, and floor and wall areas not smooth and easily cleanable.

Sidelines Sports Bar and grill at 3205 North University Drive: 6 demerits for paper towels needed at all hand sinks, one spatula needed to be discarded, hot water needed at one sink, shield guard needed, and hand wash sink needed to be repaired.

Sonic Drive-in at 3419 South Street: 5 demerits for use-by dates needed, vents not kept clean, bases of walk-in cooler entrances needed to be cleaned, hot water not meeting minimum temperature at one hand wash sink.

Pepper Jack’s at 1504 North Street: 4 demerits for four-rule chart needed for prep cooler, vents not kept clean, and wall areas not smooth and easily cleanable.

Nacogdoches Medical Center Cafeteria at 4920 Northeast Stallings Drive: 3 demerits for one dairy product needed to be discarded and floor area needed to be repaired.

Wingstop at 4909 North Street, Suite 206: 3 demerits for vents not kept clean and paper towel access needed at one hand sink.

Papa John’s Pizza at 2702 North Street: 2 demerits for equipment vents not kept clean, floors under equipment and fixtures not kept clean, and wall area near mop sink needed to be repaired.

K Mini Mart at 2830 North Street; 2 demerits for damaged ceiling tiles, back plate needed for outside electrical outlet, and overflowing trash causing spillage.

Newk’s at 3609 North Street: 1 demerit for one spatula needed to be discarded.

Pizza Hut at 1632 South Street: 1 demerit for food scoops not stored properly.

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