NHS students prepare to have lunch in the SFA Culinary Café

SFA Human Science studies introduces to Nacogdoches High School students

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - You may have called the study home economics. The study has been called human sciences for decades. Now it’s undergoing more transformation.

The point was made as Nacogdoches High School students toured SFA’s School of Human Sciences. Faculty and students told them there are now so many specialized human science fields, which has led to a shortage of teachers.

“Where we used to teach a broad level and prepare educators to teach culinary, human development, design. It’s gotten a little bit more niched. So we have people who are focusing on those areas instead of becoming those broad educators that we actually need,” said Dr. Brittany Fish, a visiting assistant professor at SFA.

Thursday’s visit was a recruiting tool. What better enticement than food? The students were treated to a Greek luncheon at the student-run SFA cafe.

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